Earn 15% commission when you sign up to an Artinapps Affiliate Program! 

How does Artinapps Affiliate Program work? 
After being a respective customer of Artinapps, you will be given a special offer to be an affiliate. When you share our projects to your friend and relatives, you will earn 15% commission for each order that takes place when someone accepts your sharing.

When will you be eligible?

To be eligible for Artinapps Affiliate Program, the major requirement to get this wonderful offer is having an existing client of Artinapps. Once you are being a valued member, please go ahead to share your experience with your friends and relatives or near-and-dear one. We also recommend you to give your valuable review and feedback into our Google business page, Yelp and Yellow-page. At the end, whenever any of your referred relatives or friends come to us with their projects and be our client, you will be paid of 15% of commission that your referral purchased with us. For further info, please contact us with your queries.

How will you be paid off?

Once you are approved as an eligible an Artinapps affiliate program member, we will contact you at our convenient time, and come up with you our commission payment, we can choose our payment methods as per your convenience. That may be cheque, or interac e-transfer payment gateway or any other convenient methods. However please keep in mind that, we don’t allow to pay in cash, since have to keep track of all our transaction for annual tax purpose. Artinapps is very transparent on our finance management and we appreciate your understanding on it. For further info, please contact us if you have questions.

Artinapps always support you to grow your business and for further information of our service, please visit us at our service page.